Young Thug’s Dad Addresses Gunna Situation, Confirms He Hasn’t Done Anything ‘That Can Hurt Us on This Case’

Young Thug’s Dad Addresses Gunna Situation, Confirms He Hasn’t Done Anything ‘That Can Hurt Us on This Case’

Young Thug’s father, Jeffrey Williams Sr., has stepped forward to provide clarity regarding Gunna’s involvement in his son’s legal situation, emphasizing that Gunna has not taken any actions that would harm the incarcerated rapper’s case.

During an interview with Infamous Sylvia, Williams expressed his sentiments about Gunna, emphasizing his affection for the 30-year-old rapper. In response to allegations of snitching, Williams Sr. firmly stated that Gunna has not engaged in any activities that could negatively impact their legal situation.

“I love Gunna,” affirmed Williams Sr. before addressing the accusations of snitching. He sought to simplify the situation, saying, “Let me help the attorney clarify this for you: Gunna has not taken any actions that could harm our case, period.”

Williams Sr. also disclosed that he personally advised Gunna to continue releasing music and generating income for the YSL label upon his release from prison. Gunna was freed from incarceration in December 2022 after serving a seven-month sentence. His release raised eyebrows among fans, particularly since he was facing RICO charges. However, once the details of his plea deal emerged, public perception shifted.

Gunna entered an Alford plea, in which he pleaded guilty to the charges while maintaining his innocence. This legal strategy allows a defendant to avoid the uncertainties of a trial and receive a less severe sentence. As part of the agreement, Gunna’s five-year sentence was reduced to time served, coupled with 500 hours of community service.

Footage of Gunna’s Alford plea deal circulated on social media, wherein he stated that he had “personal knowledge of members of YSL committing crimes in furtherance of a gang” and agreed that “YSL as a gang must end.” Gunna also acknowledged being with Young Thug during a 2017 traffic stop in which drugs and a handgun were discovered.

For the complete interview with Young Thug’s father, you can watch it below.

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