Rolling Loud Festival Hints at Release Date for Travis Scott’s ‘Utopia’

Rolling Loud Festival Hints at Release Date for Travis Scott’s ‘Utopia’

In an exciting turn of events for Travis Scott fans, the Rolling Loud Festival may have just revealed the release date for the highly anticipated album, ‘Utopia.’ As one of the headliners for the festival taking place from July 21-23 in Miami, Scott’s performance on Saturday is being billed as his first concert set following the release of his fourth album.

An Instagram advertisement by Rolling Loud stated, “Utopia First Time Live at Rolling Loud Miami,” seemingly confirming that ‘Utopia’ will be available on streaming platforms by Friday, July 21. Rolling Loud’s account further emphasized this claim in the comment section, playfully responding to a user who questioned the release date with a tongue-in-cheek reply.

However, conflicting reports have emerged regarding the album’s release date. A now-deleted post by, responsible for ticket sales for Scott’s album release party at the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, initially mentioned July 28 as the release date for ‘Utopia.’ The event description on their site was subsequently edited, leaving the release date undecided.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the exact release date, signs point to either July 21 or July 28 for the arrival of ‘Utopia.’ The album’s release comes just a few weeks before the five-year anniversary of Scott’s previous solo album, ‘Astroworld.’ Scott has been actively building anticipation, sharing merchandise bundles, teaser videos, and confirming multiple cover art options for the album.

While fans eagerly await the official release date announcement from Travis Scott himself, it is advisable to remain cautiously optimistic. With conflicting reports from different sources, it’s best to stay tuned for an official update from the Houston icon in the near future.

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