Sexyy Red Dives into a Messy Love Triangle in “I Might” Music Video featuring Summer Walker

Sexyy Red Dives into a Messy Love Triangle in “I Might” Music Video featuring Summer Walker

Sexyy Red heats up the screen in her latest music video for “I Might,” featuring Summer Walker, released on Friday (March 1st). Directed by Des Grey, the video delves into a tangled love affair as Red finds herself caught between her main man, Lil Scrappy, and her sneaky link, Atlanta rapper Hunxho, who was featured on Billboard’s 2024 R&B and hip-hop artists to watch list.

In the video, Red navigates the complexities of her relationships, sneaking around with Hunxho while facing off with Lil Scrappy. With lyrics like “Don’t tell my baby daddy ’cause he gon’ leave you leakin’ in a alley,” Red teases the consequences of getting caught in her web of deceit. When Lil Scrappy confronts her at home, tensions escalate as he discovers Hunxho and his crew waiting for a showdown. Red’s reaction to the confrontation becomes a highlight of the video, potentially sparking a new internet meme.

Throughout the clip, Summer Walker’s vocals add a soulful backdrop, singing about the allure of makeup sex amidst all the drama.

“I Might” originally appeared on the deluxe version of Sexyy Red’s sophomore mixtape, “Hood Hottest Princess,” which made waves on various Billboard charts. This collaboration marks the second time Red and Summer have teamed up since their 2022 hit “Sense Dat God Gave You.”

Earlier this year, the St. Louis rapper welcomed her second child, adding another layer of excitement to her already eventful life. In a playful twist, Red recently starred in the music video for Drake’s “Rich Baby Daddy,” featuring SZA, playfully imagining what it would be like if Drake were the father of her child.

With “I Might,” Sexyy Red and Summer Walker deliver a sizzling visual spectacle that captures the thrill and drama of modern romance.

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