V of 40M Unveils Powerful New Record “The Score”

V of 40M Unveils Powerful New Record “The Score”

V of 40M, the visionary artist leading the charge for the Black Independence people’s movement known as Forty Million Strong (40M), is proud to announce the release of his latest record, “The Score.” Produced by LABACK, this groundbreaking track features collaborations with fellow 40M members, 40M Tye, and Hippie G, delivering a powerful anthem that resonates with the revolutionary spirit of the movement.

Ever since his global debut just over two years ago, V of 40M has been making waves in the music industry with his impassioned message of empowerment and autonomy for Black communities. The Forty Million Strong movement, which seeks to establish a sovereign land and autonomous rule for Blacks, is seamlessly integrated into V’s music, creating a unique and impactful experience for listeners.

“The Score” marks a significant chapter in V of 40M’s musical journey, combining thought-provoking lyrics with LABACK’s masterful production. Collaborating with 40M Tye and Hippie G adds depth and diversity to the track, elevating it to the status of a powerful anthem that speaks to the collective struggle and resilience of the 40M movement.

From his debut release, “No Church on Sunday,” to the recent “Martin Luther,” V of 40M remains steadfast in his mission to inspire, inform, motivate, and mobilize the masses. “The Score” is a testament to his unwavering commitment to using music as a tool for social change and empowerment.

“The Score” is now available on all major streaming platforms, allowing listeners to experience the revolutionary spirit of the 40M movement through V’s powerful music.

Listen Here: open.spotify.com/track/6RzRn


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