Alien Kills Takes Listeners on a Multicultural Journey with New Single “Balade”

Alien Kills Takes Listeners on a Multicultural Journey with New Single “Balade”

Turin Rapper Luca Saffiotti Blends Parisian and Turinese Vibes in Latest Release

Rising Turin rap sensation Luca Saffiotti, widely known as Alien Kills, is back with a vibrant new single that seamlessly mixes the cultural flavors of Paris and Turin. Born in 1997, Alien Kills has been making waves in the rap scene, and his latest release, “Balade,” showcases his evolving artistry and unique cross-cultural influences.

In 2019, driven by a desire to find new opportunities, Alien Kills boldly moved to Paris, where he began cultivating his musical talent in collaboration with producer Wokem Bemo. The fruits of this partnership emerged in 2021 with the release of the well-received singles “Compro Oro” and “Level Up.”

Based in Madrid, Alien Kills is actively working on his debut mixtape. The lead single from this upcoming project, “Balade,” takes its listeners on a musical stroll through the streets of Madrid. The French word “balade,” meaning walk, perfectly encapsulates the essence of the track, inspired by Alien Kills’ experiences exploring the vibrant city.

“As a child, I discovered rap by pure chance, captivated by the sound, the energy of the beats, and the voices, without worrying much about the meaning, As I grew up, the lyrics became fundamental, both as a listener and an artist. This led to a continuous search for new words and sound images to express my flow of consciousness.” – Alien Kills.

“Balade” is produced by the talented Burnt Youth crew and comes with an official music video shot in the heart of Paris, adding a visual dimension to Alien Kills’ multicultural musical journey.

Fans and music enthusiasts are invited to experience the rich blend of Parisian and Turinese vibes in Alien Kills’ latest single, “Balade.” The track is available for streaming now!

About Alien Kills: Luca Saffiotti, professionally known as Alien Kills, is a promising rap artist born in 1997 in Turin. His music is characterized by a unique blend of cultural influences, mixing Parisian and Turinese vibes. Alien Kills made a significant impact with his singles “Compro Oro” and “Level Up” in collaboration with producer Wokem Bemo. Currently based in Madrid, Alien Kills is gearing up for the release of his debut mixtape, with “Balade” as the first exciting glimpse into this upcoming project.

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