Novemba Releases Soul-Stirring Afrobeat Symphony, “Sweet Lie”

Novemba Releases Soul-Stirring Afrobeat Symphony, “Sweet Lie”

Prepare to be swept away by the soulful melodies and profound storytelling of Novemba as he unveils his latest single, “Sweet Lie,” an Afrobeat fusion ballad.

Produced by ON TOP, “Sweet Lie” marks a significant milestone in Novemba’s artistic journey, showcasing his evolution as a musician and delving into the complexities of human connection. Through this emotionally charged composition, Novemba takes listeners on a journey through the bittersweet intricacies of love, exploring themes of vulnerability, honesty, and heartbreak.

With over 2 million streams and chart placements on Billboard and the official Afro-beats UK charts, Novemba has established himself as a musical force to be reckoned with. Known for his storytelling prowess, evident in hits like “Rhythm and Blues” for Ayra Starr, “Unbeliever,” and “All Eyes on Me” for Lifesize Teddy, Novemba now lays bare his own experiences with love and relationships through “Sweet Lie.”

“Sweet Lie” emerges as a poignant anthem for those who have been entranced by the seductive whispers of false promises. The lyrics, laden with vulnerability and honesty, explore the internal struggle of recognizing and confronting a “truthful lie” disguised as sweetness.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the track, Novemba shares, “The Truth they say is bitter hence ‘bitter truth,’ what about a Sweet Lie? This gives an insight into an alternative form in which people avail themselves to tend to us. This means that a lie could be presented in a way that is soothing and may appear to be like the truth even when it is not. ‘Sweet Lie’ is a deep song presented sonically to express how I felt at the time, dealing with this occurrence may be one of the reasons why one may need therapy.”

More than just a song, “Sweet Lie” extends an invitation to connect.

Listen to “Sweet Lie” here:

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