Marco Bruno Shares Experimental Jazz Single “Is not that sometimes”

Marco Bruno Shares Experimental Jazz Single “Is not that sometimes”

Renowned artist Marco Bruno takes listeners on a sonic journey with the release of his latest single, “Is not that sometimes.” Fusing elements of experimental jazz, electronic sounds, and rock verve, this captivating track offers a unique musical experience that transcends genres.

Inspired by a bad translation from Italian to English, “Is not that sometimes” serves as a poignant reminder of a tour travel experience in 2016. The title reflects the serendipitous nature of artistic creation and the unexpected beauty that can arise from language barriers.

Recorded at Container Audio Room in Subiaco, Italy, by Roberto Cignitti and distributed by Angapp Music Label, “Is not that sometimes” showcases Marco Bruno’s talent for crafting intricate compositions that push the boundaries of traditional jazz music.

This song is a testament to the power of experimentation and collaboration, by blending electronic sounds with traditional jazz elements, Marco Bruno aimed to create a dynamic and immersive listening experience that resonates with audiences on a deep level.

“Is not that sometimes” is available on all major digital music stores and will be accompanied by a special YouTube live session on Container Audio Room’s channel. Fans and music enthusiasts are invited to tune in and experience the magic of Marco Bruno’s musical vision.

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