Listen To Mezzanotte’s Latest Pop-Rock Anthem “Livia”

Listen To Mezzanotte’s Latest Pop-Rock Anthem “Livia”

Mezzanotte releases their latest single, “Livia.” This evocative track delves into the often concealed, sensitive, and feminine sides of our nature, celebrating the beauty of vulnerability and self-acceptance through poetic lyrics and an enchanting melody.

“Livia” is a heartfelt exploration of the nuanced struggles we face in embracing our true selves. With Andrea Monteferranti’s vocals and keyboard, Elia Vignogna’s versatile bass, synthesizer, and guitar arrangements, and Mattia Alberto Righeschi’s dynamic drumming, Mezzanotte invites listeners on a melodic journey that encourages the unraveling of complex emotions and the discovery of inner beauty.

Formed in September 2018, Mezzanotte has been making waves in Italy’s indie music scene with their unique blend of pop and rock. Their name, meaning “midnight,” symbolizes both an end and a beginning, reflecting their evolution from performing cover songs to creating original music. The band’s debut album, “Civico 43,” released in 2019, marked their commitment to authentic, self-produced music, blending nostalgic 1980s rock with modern themes.

Mezzanotte’s breakthrough came with their spirited debut at the Art&Musica Fest in 2019 and their impressive run to the national finals of the Sanremo Rock Festival in 2020, culminating in a memorable performance at Sanremo’s Teatro Ariston. Their journey continued with the release of their independent single “QCCP” in 2022, which set the stage for their latest introspective track, “Livia.”

As Mezzanotte collaborates with co-producer Lorenzo “Moka” Tommasini at Macinarino Recording Studio, they continue to push the boundaries of their musical expression. “Livia” shows their growth and their ability to resonate deeply with listeners, encouraging them to embrace their vulnerabilities and appreciate the intricate layers of their identities.


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