Introducing Groundbreaking Single “Spending on You” by Twiggy

Introducing Groundbreaking Single “Spending on You” by Twiggy

Twiggy is back with an electrifying new single, “Spending on You.” This track is a standout from his latest album, “Digital Indigenous 07: Why Not,” a collection that demands the world’s attention not only on musical powerhouses like Nigeria and Tanzania but also on the burgeoning talent emerging from Malawi.

Twiggy, who made his mark with BlackFace Family’s iconic albums “African Drums” and “Nthena,” has reinvented himself in Blantyre, Malawi’s musical epicentre. His new album captures his observations and experiences in the bustling city, blending them into a vibrant, futuristic mix of African styles.

“Digital Indigenous 07: Why Not” showcases nine tracks that traverse the rich landscapes of afrobeats, afropop, dancehall, zed beats, and AfroCongo. These genres are skillfully woven together to spotlight Twiggy’s unique vocal delivery, resulting in a sound that is both innovative and deeply rooted in the urban rhythms of the global south.

“Spending on You” shows Twiggy’s artistic prowess,  fusing love and monetary themes into a relatable narrative.His lyrics explore the intersections of love, desire, self-sufficiency, and the struggle for personal freedom, resonating deeply with listeners.

The Digital Indigenous series has never been closer to pop, and Twiggy’s contributions highlight the cultural and musical richness of African urban centers. His music not only entertains but also provides a window into the lives and aspirations of young people in cities like Blantyre and Mzuzu.

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