Koe Peshi Drops Dynamic New Single, “High Heels”

Koe Peshi Drops Dynamic New Single, “High Heels”

Koe Peshi is making waves in the music industry with his latest single, “High Heels,” a song that exemplifies his dynamic artistry and places him firmly on the radar of music enthusiasts worldwide.

Produced and engineered by Bless’Em’Bless, known for his credits with artists like Asian Doll, Erica Banks, and Ginuwine, “High Heels” is part of Koe Peshi’s strategic onslaught on the music scene. In the final quarter of 2023, he bombarded the industry with five official releases, showcasing his versatility and undeniable talent.

Koe Peshi’s collaboration with Bless’Em’Bless has proven to be a winning formula, infiltrating new eardrums and algorithms daily. The artist is set to take center stage as a featured performer at Dazesummit ATL in Atlanta, GA, from February 20th to 25th, further solidifying his presence in the music landscape.

But Koe Peshi doesn’t stop at streaming platforms. He recently dropped a heavily sampled EP, “Free Dope Vol.1: Carter Exhibit,” exclusively on Soundcloud. This project not only highlights his range and diversity as an artist but also keeps listeners engaged without the need for the skip button.

Looking forward to 2024, Koe Peshi emphasizes the importance of visuals in his artistic expression. He states, “Visuals 2024 is about visuals. I owe it to my constituents, my supporters, and mostly myself. We live in a see-it-to-believe-it age, and it’s past time I give the people a visual representation of my art that is cohesive with the sonics.”

“High Heels” is a chart-topping anthem that reflects Koe Peshi’s commitment to delivering impactful and visually compelling art to his growing fanbase. With powerful lyrics like “All in public playin innocent games/Ain’t tryna sully ya name/All things being equal you could do me the same/ Clippin memories given the age,” Koe Peshi invites listeners into his world of authenticity and creativity.

Stream Below: open.spotify.com/track/1HThICELq

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