Harlow’s Double Triangle and Roisin Quinn Collaborate on Remix of ‘Running From Yourself’

Harlow’s Double Triangle and Roisin Quinn Collaborate on Remix of ‘Running From Yourself’

Harlow-based producer Double Triangle has teamed up with independent artist Roisin Quinn to deliver a garage-inspired remix of Roisin’s track ‘Running From Yourself’. Drawing inspiration from the UK garage sound and influenced by the vibrant Essex club scene of the 1990s and 2000s, Double Triangle’s reimagination of the track perfectly complements Quinn’s soulful vocals, creating a contemporary garage anthem to kick off the spring/summer season in style.

The autobiographical lyrics and infectious melody of ‘Running From Yourself’, penned by Roisin Quinn, delve into her personal experiences growing up in Harlow. Praised for her charming and delicate sound, BBC Radio 6 Music’s Tom Robinson describes Quinn’s music as “charming…delicate and understated,” while Freshonthenet’s Steve Harris commends her writing as “succinct and sharp…wry lines…straightforward honesty.” The artwork for the track draws inspiration from Quinn’s debut album, ‘Concrete and Trees’.

The collaboration between Double Triangle and Roisin Quinn traces back to their days studying GCSE music together at Harlow’s Mark Hall School, where they bonded over a shared love for piano and Chopin. Their paths crossed again at Quinn’s gig in the Sir Frederick Gibberd Garden, where they first discussed the possibility of working together.

This remix of ‘Running From Yourself’ marks the second collaborative effort released by Double Triangle, the versatile producer who has previously self-released five solo tracks including ‘Rompler’, ‘Peony Blossom’, ‘Haberdashery’, ‘Brenda’, ‘Peacekeeper’, and a remix of Madil Hardis’s ‘Jolly Sailor Bold’. With a strong melodic foundation that seamlessly blends genres and musical influences, Double Triangle creates a distinctive sound that invites listeners to both dance and dream.

Don’t miss the garage-inspired remix of ‘Running From Yourself’, a creative synergy between Double Triangle and Roisin Quinn. The track is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Listen Here:open.spotify.com/track/0q

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