DDG Shares An Advice Jay Z Gave Him Involving a Chinese Restaurant

DDG Shares An Advice Jay Z Gave Him Involving a Chinese Restaurant

During a recent appearance on Hollywood Unlocked’s The Jason Lee Show, DDG shared an intriguing piece of advice he received from none other than Jay Z, which involved a Chinese restaurant analogy.

In the interview, DDG recounted his encounter with Jay Z and Beyoncé at a birthday party, where he took the opportunity to seek guidance from the rap icon. Recalling the conversation, DDG said, “[Jay Z] gave me advice before. I asked him at the birthday party actually, I was like, ‘What advice could you give me as an artist?’ He was like, he gave me an analogy. ‘If people go to a Chinese restaurant, they’re expecting Chinese food. So give the people what they came for’ type s**t.”

The analogy carries a profound message about catering to audience expectations and delivering what they desire. DDG’s revelation adds another layer to Jay Z’s wisdom and insight into the music industry.

Interestingly, this advice from Jay Z echoes a longstanding online debate about whether it’s more beneficial to receive $500,000 or have lunch with the rap mogul for advice. Jay Z himself addressed this debate during an interview on CBS Mornings last October, advising aspiring artists to opt for the money. “You gotta take the money. What I’ma say?” Jay Z remarked. “You got all that in the music for $10.99. That’s a bad deal. I wouldn’t tell you to cut a bad deal.”

Jay Z emphasized that his music contains valuable insights and guidance for those who listen closely, effectively serving as a blueprint for success in the industry.

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