William Pascal Drops Crunchy Hit “FREDDIE DA BONEY” in Collaboration with Panz and Rubber Soul (DYT)

William Pascal Drops Crunchy Hit “FREDDIE DA BONEY” in Collaboration with Panz and Rubber Soul (DYT)

William Pascal, known for pushing boundaries in the Italian music scene, unleashes a crunchy hit with his latest single, “FREDDIE DA BONEY.” Collaborating with his long-time friend Panz and producer Rubber Soul (DYT), this new release is a testament to the trio’s creative synergy and determination to elevate their sound.

The track is part of the “Do Your Thang trio,” still riding the waves of excitement from the recent release of “Gang Theory,” their first group album in over 10 years of activity in the Italian underground scene. With “FREDDIE DA BONEY,” William Pascal, Panz, and Rubber Soul aim to set new standards in sound diversity and a well-defined attitude.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical influences, the song incorporates elements from the Griselda imaginary and the lo-fi genre, with nods to electronics and jazz music. The unifying thread is a simple yet impactful language peppered with punchlines, artistic references, culinary nods, and a healthy dose of chill and comedy.

This track, already showcased during the band’s recent live performances featuring two Roman rappers, serves as a sneak peek into “Barre Rare vol. 3,” the upcoming independent project by William Pascal. The project is set to release in early 2024 under his new venture, “Rare.”

Stream Here: distrokid.com/hyperfollow/williampascal

Accompanying the release is the official music video for “FREDDIE DA BONEY,” skillfully crafted by Riccardo Ceci (Dinastia Fellas), providing a visual feast that complements the auditory experience.

Watch the official video for “FREDDIE DA BONEY” on YouTube below:

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