MZK LAB Unveils NUMA and I NUMERI A CASO’s Enchanting Single “ROMA LA LA LA”

MZK LAB Unveils NUMA and I NUMERI A CASO’s Enchanting Single “ROMA LA LA LA”

MZK LAB is excited to present the latest musical offering from NUMA and I NUMERI A CASO, titled “ROME LA LA LA.” The single is now available on all major streaming platforms. Stream Here:

Known for their exceptional musical prowess as street musicians, NUMA AND I NUMERI A CASO have consistently captivated audiences with their ability to create truly organic and authentic music. “ROMA LA LA LA” is the product of their synergistic collaboration, reflecting their genuine experiences and infectious passion for music.

Nùma, the lyricist behind the song, shares his thoughts, saying, “Rome has one foot rooted in the past and its gaze projected into the future, its attachment rooted to Roman traditions and openness to the contamination of other ethnic groups. A melancholic euphoria, which in the flow of evolution looks for points to hold on to.”

The music for “ROMA LA LA LA” was composed by Lorenzo Pompili, Nicholas Rutigliano, Claudio Giordano, Tommaso Salustri, and Micheal Tonanzi.

With a compelling fusion of contemporary sounds and meaningful lyrics, “ROMA LA LA LA” takes listeners on an emotional journey through the streets of Rome. The song explores the duality between history and innovation, deep-rooted traditions, and openness to cultural diversity.

The single is already available on popular platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more. Listeners are encouraged to immerse themselves in this unique musical experience. Listen Below:

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