Mattia Rame Unveils Debut Album “Lo Spazio, l’Egitto, Battiato” – A Musical Journey of Love and Change

Mattia Rame Unveils Debut Album “Lo Spazio, l’Egitto, Battiato” – A Musical Journey of Love and Change

Talented singer-songwriter, Mattia Rame, presents his debut album, “Lo Spazio, l’Egitto, Battiato,” a collection of songs that seamlessly blends poetic introspections with bold experimental sounds. This musical odyssey takes listeners on a conceptual journey through love hymns, literary tributes to iconic figures like Marilyn Monroe and Frida Kahlo, and interwoven tales of love and change.

The album offers a diverse range of tones and atmospheres that provide a deep immersion into the soul of the artist. Roman Mattia Rame’s unique approach to storytelling, coupled with his penchant for experimental sounds, creates an album that stands out for its eccentricity and artistic depth.

One of the standout tracks, “I Ghiacciai,” serves as the lead single and a visual representation of the urgency for change, reflecting the underlying theme of the entire album. The song navigates through cosmic and internal collapses, offering a poetic exploration of revolution and resurrection.

Accompanying the album’s release is the single and video clip “I Ghiacciai,” directed by Alessandro Siccardi. This powerful song about change encapsulates the overarching concept of Roman Mattia Rame’s musical exploration.

The tracklist for “Lo Spazio, l’Egitto, Battiato”

    1. I Ghiacciai
    2. Con le Doctor Martens blu
    3. Muoviti
    4. Marilyn Monroe
    5. Scendi
    6. Leggere
    7. Come un cane
    8. Mare Mare
    9. Frida Kahlo
    10. Alle Anime
  • Ghiacciai: The lead single and video clip, “I Ghiacciai,” sets the tone for the album. It serves as a visual representation of the urgency for change, navigating through cosmic and internal collapses, offering a poetic exploration of revolution and resurrection.
  • Con le Doctor Martens blu: A love song addressing the end of an illusion, this track delves into the complexities of life in one’s thirties. The song is dedicated to the mother of past love and features a memorable reference to the celebrated Doctor Martens.
  • Muoviti: Born from the artist’s own experiences, “Muoviti” is an autobiographical piece emphasizing the importance of movement in life. It explores the idea that even small physical movements can elevate one’s mood and bring light to shadowed aspects.
  • Marilyn Monroe: A historical love piece paying tribute to Marilyn Monroe, the track explores the idealized and tormented nature of unattainable love. The song is constructed with a mixture of quotes, inspired by a book of interviews by music journalist Paola Maugeri.
  • Scendi: One of the oldest pieces on the album, “Scendi” is a heartfelt love song, a serenade sung at the window for a past and unforgettable love. It stands out for its emotional and less intellectual approach, conveying a deeply personal connection.

  • Leggere: Centered around the concept of reading in its broadest sense, “Leggere” combines titles of books with the artist’s reflections. The song aims to remind listeners that, despite feelings of loneliness, they may represent the sun to others.
  • Come un cane: A song written within the parameters of solitude, “Come un cane” is not an ode to loneliness but rather an exploration of solitude. It features a subdued and monotonous vocal tone, creating an atmospheric and surreal ambiance.
  • Mare Mare: A tribute to Franco Battiato, “Mare Mare” offers a musical experience imbued with literary quotes and reflections on the present times. The melody draws inspiration from Battiato’s famous refrain, creating a unique fusion of emotions and reflections.
  • Frida Kahlo: One of the more eccentric songs on the album, “Frida Kahlo” aims to create a kitsch piece, a kraut rock of the soul. Combining electronica with raunchy Brit-rock influences, the track explores the artistic and experimental side of Roman Mattia Rame.
  • Alle Anime: A poetic ode sung to the moon and the soul, “Alle Anime” features surreal images and personal mispronunciations. The refrain includes a quote from Montale, emphasizing the urgency of change and the imperative to follow life joyfully and lovingly.

Each track contributes to the album’s richness, offering a unique perspective on themes of love, solitude, and the quest for identity amid cosmic and internal breakdowns.

“Lo Spazio, l’Egitto, Battiato” transcends traditional boundaries, incorporating elements of electronic and rock sounds, along with poetic and musical quotes. The result is a work that mirrors the essence of the artist, providing a holistic experience for listeners.

As Roman Mattia Rame takes listeners on this evocative journey, “Lo Spazio, l’Egitto, Battiato” emerges as a testament to his artistry and a celebration of love, transformation, and the enduring pursuit of self-identity. The album invites music enthusiasts to experience a unique blend of sonic innovation and emotional resonance.

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