Latto Subtly Shades Ice Spice with “Think U The Sh*t” Cake

Latto Subtly Shades Ice Spice with “Think U The Sh*t” Cake

Latto seems to have subtly revived tensions with Ice Spice, using an unconventional method: cake.

While the feud between the two rappers had appeared to simmer down recently, Latto’s latest move hints at lingering animosity towards Ice Spice.

The rivalry escalated earlier this year when Ice Spice dropped her single “Think U The Sh*t (Fart),” openly acknowledging that it targeted Latto after spotting her “Pretty Girl” music video in the background of a TikTok Latto uploaded—a perceived slight against her.

In response, Latto fired back with “Sunday Service,” a track and music video shot in Ice Spice’s Bronx neighborhood. The lyrics included the pointed lines, “Think I’m the shit, bitch? / I know it, ho. / Jesus walked on water, I got Ice boilin’ though.”

On Saturday, Latto reignited speculation about their feud with a post on X featuring a cake adorned with a poop emoji and a ribbon that reads, “Holy shit, you’re headlining.”

“Think I’m the shit, bitch ?????,” Latto captioned the photo.

While the exact event where Latto will headline remains unclear, the inclusion of these specific lyrics on the cake suggests a pointed message directed towards her rival.

Meanwhile, Ice Spice’s upcoming album “Y2K” is scheduled for release on July 26, setting the stage for potential further developments in this ongoing feud. Latto, for her part, confirmed last month that she also has a new album in the works.

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