Introducing S4M The Artist: A Rising Star from Milwaukee’s Streets

Introducing S4M The Artist: A Rising Star from Milwaukee’s Streets

Born on May 17th, 1995, in the heart of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, S4M The Artist, also known as Sam Stokes, is quickly emerging as one of the most promising voices in contemporary hip-hop. Raised in the vibrant yet challenging neighborhood of Washington Park on Milwaukee’s Northside, S4M’s early years were shaped by his surroundings, family, and an innate curiosity about the world.

Growing up alongside his sisters under the guidance of a single mother, S4M learned the value of resilience and creativity from a young age. Despite facing numerous obstacles, his mother instilled in him and his siblings a love for knowledge and the arts, providing them with books and activities that sparked their imaginations.

S4M’s journey into music began unexpectedly at the age of 11 when he first experimented with rap as a form of self-expression. What started as a playful endeavor quickly transformed into something more profound as his talent began to draw attention from those around him. Influenced by iconic figures such as Langston Hughes and Tupac Shakur, S4M found inspiration in the power of storytelling and lyrical prowess.

However, it was his older sister who truly ignited his passion for lyricism, setting a high bar that motivated S4M to strive for excellence in his craft. Fuelled by friendly competition within his own household, S4M embarked on a quest to claim the title of the best rapper, pushing himself to new heights with each verse.

Stepping beyond the confines of SoundCloud, S4M The Artist has embarked on a remarkable journey with the release of his debut EP, “OLD TEACHINGS,” in February 2024. Comprising tracks that reflect his introspective storytelling and unique perspective on life, the EP serves as a testament to S4M’s dedication to his artistry.

With plans to release five more EPs throughout 2024, S4M The Artist is poised to serve audiences with his authentic voice and thought-provoking lyricism. His music serves as a reflection of his lived experiences, offering listeners a glimpse into the raw emotions and untold stories of Milwaukee’s streets.

As S4M The Artist continues to carve his own path in the music industry, he remains committed to staying true to himself and his roots, honoring the legacy of those who have inspired him along the way.

Listen To “Wail Of The Banshee” Here:


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