Indy Fontaine Releases Debut Album “Moments Of My Life” Featuring “Eres Luz”

Indy Fontaine Releases Debut Album “Moments Of My Life” Featuring “Eres Luz”

Cuban singer-songwriter Indy Fontaine proudly announces the release of her debut album, “Moments Of My Life“. This album showcases Indy’s bilingual talents through 11 tracks in both Spanish and English, weaving stories of love, desire, and personal experiences. Exploring a range of genres within Adult Contemporary, the album features Soft Rock, R&B, Easy Listening, and Indie Pop influences.

Moments Of My Life” marks a significant milestone in Indy’s career as it is her first music debut featuring songs she has written herself. Indy not only penned the entire album but also served as its executive producer. She collaborated with Mike Fahey, who provided production elements and handled engineering and mixing. Additionally, Beth Cohen co-produced Indy’s vocal performance on several English tracks, and Pete Lyman from Infrasonic Sound mastered the album.

Out of the 11 songs, 10 are originals. I wrote most of them in the two years leading up to the recording. As I finished writing each song, I had the whole idea of the arrangement and exactly how I wanted the songs to sound. Producing was new to me, and I didn’t realize then that I was the ‘producer’…. I was simply directing everyone to make it sound like it did in my head,”Indy explains.

The album’s focus track, “Eres Luz,” is a standout piece that beautifully showcases a soothing piano, meticulous drums, and a sultry saxophone, all complementing Indy’s passionate performance. The song narrates the intimate connection between two people across distances, capturing the essence of love and longing.

Moments Of My Life” is a testament to Indy Fontaine’s artistic vision and musical prowess, offering listeners a deeply personal and evocative journey through her life and experiences.

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