Azato Drops Powerful New Single “When We Gonna Start?” Featuring Jonah Jaxon

Azato Drops Powerful New Single “When We Gonna Start?” Featuring Jonah Jaxon

Azato, in collaboration with Jonah Jaxon, is proud to announce the release of their poignant new single, “When We Gonna Start?” This heartfelt track addresses the pressing issue of gang violence and aims to inspire deeper love and compassion within our communities. Available now on all major streaming platforms, “When We Gonna Start?” is a powerful call to action and a tribute to the lives lost too soon.


Azato and Jonah Jaxon are deeply involved in their community, running non-profit organizations that work with at-risk teenagers in Kalihi/Honolulu, Hawai’i. Their programs focus on the arts, life skills, and personal/spiritual development, offering a lifeline to many young individuals. Despite their efforts, the harsh reality of their work has led them to bury over 40 students who fell victim to the streets.

This song is not only addressing the gang violence plaguing many of our city streets but also speaks to each of our hearts,” says Azato. “I have lost over 40 students to the streets and I love each of them as if they were my own. My heart and prayer is that we all can love everyone we come in contact with more deeply. This is a song of hope and also a song to honor those that were taken much too soon.”

When We Gonna Start?” features stirring lyrics that challenge listeners to reflect on their actions and relationships. The chorus poignantly asks, “When we gonna start loving each other? When we gonna stop fighting our sisters and brothers?” The song’s message is a timely reminder of the importance of unity and empathy in the face of ongoing violence and division.

The collaboration between Azato and Jonah Jaxon brings a unique blend of heartfelt lyrics and compelling melodies, making “When We Gonna Start?” a standout track that resonates on both a personal and communal level.


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