Ginger Winn Introduces Herself with Tender New Single “Super 8”

Ginger Winn Introduces Herself with Tender New Single “Super 8”

Burgeoning artist Winn is out with her debut single, “Super 8,” a modern dreamy love song that delves into the complexities of being a young woman and the hard-fought realities of making one’s ever-winding dreams come true. Featuring Winn’s ethereal, booming vocals, the track invites listeners into the hazy, dream-like reality of her anxious and ambitious mind.

Super 8” blends acoustic guitar with swelling horns, creating a soundscape that mirrors the intricacies of falling in love. The song evokes familiar and distant recollections like watching flashbacks play on Super 8 film. The accompanying music video, appropriately shot on Super 8 film, further enhances this nostalgic vibe.

Directed by Tina Baione and Ellery Luse Weiss, and edited by Nicholas Paul, the video brings Winn‘s multifaceted story to life. It pays tribute to the power and surreal sweetness of dreams, portraying a slumbering Winn oscillating between dreamworld and reality, finding herself in peculiar places like Jane’s Carrousel in Brooklyn, NY, and the backroads of Tuscany.

Born and raised in South Carolina, Ginger Winn has been singing and songwriting since the age of nine. With the pursuit of music always central to her life, she began working as a freelance music producer online over two years ago. This journey led her to her latest offering, “Super 8.” In 2022, Winn received a message from Tina Baione, requesting her help to turn her husband Matthew’s poetry into a song. Thus, “Super 8” was born, and the trio has been creating music together ever since, building a unique sonic and visual universe through Winn’s art.


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