Heaven Or Las Vegas Returns with Electrifying New Single “Rosso Acceso”

Heaven Or Las Vegas Returns with Electrifying New Single “Rosso Acceso”

Renowned indie rock band Heaven Or Las Vegas makes a comeback with their latest single, “Rosso Acceso,” released on Wednesday, March 13th via Dischi Soviet Studio.

“Rosso Acceso” serves as the first single from the band’s highly anticipated album, offering listeners a captivating journey into the vibrant nightlife of provincial indie-rock discos. Inspired by adrenaline-fueled evenings filled with excitement and electricity, the song transports audiences to a world where the glow of light red dazzles and disorients, amidst a backdrop of bustling noise that creates an atmosphere of total chaos. With distorted guitars and fast-paced rhythms, “Rosso Acceso” becomes an anthem for souls seeking intense emotions and moments of escapism from frustration and boredom.

Led by Paolo Simioni on vocals and guitar, Piercarlo Michelin on guitar, Alessandro Beghetto on bass, and Federico Reato on drums, Heaven Or Las Vegas infuses influences of emo, shoegaze, and dream pop into their music, all while immersing themselves in David Lynch-style space scenarios.

Following the success of their debut EP “Cose che non ho mai vissuto” released by Dischi Soviet Studio in 2020, the band has built a fervent live following in their local area, garnering praise from both audiences and critics alike. Now, returning to their roots with Dischi Soviet Studio, Heaven Or Las Vegas embarks on the journey to release their debut album, promising a more direct and aggressive sound while retaining the expanded sonic landscapes of the genre.

“Rosso Acceso” was written by Heaven Or Las Vegas, recorded by Matteo Marenduzzo at the Soviet Studio in Cittadella (PD), mixed by Paolo Gastaldello, and mastered by Maurizio Baggio at La Distilleria Della Musica in Bassano Del Grappa (VI). The cover photo was captured by Francesco Reffo.

Listen Here: open.spotify.com/track/7vgTG

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