Greg Djav Releases New Single “Facile À Danser Your Love”

Greg Djav Releases New Single “Facile À Danser Your Love”

Internationally acclaimed DJ Greg Djav is excited to announce the release of his latest single, “Facile À Danser Your Love,” now available on all major streaming platforms. With nearly two decades of career, Greg Djav continues to enthral audiences with his dynamic sound and unparalleled mixing skills.

Greg Djav, an impassioned and experienced DJ since 2005, has been influenced by an eclectic mix of old-school style, hip-hop, and electro music. His dynamic open-format DJ sets have a unique ability to attract and energize audiences of all generations. This versatility and expertise are evident in his new single, “Facile À Danser Your Love,” a track designed to get everyone on the dance floor.

“Facile À Danser Your Love” showcases Greg Djav’s signature style, blending infectious beats with an irresistible rhythm that makes it easy to dance and fall in love with the music. The track showcases his ability to craft sounds that resonate across different musical tastes and preferences.

Throughout his illustrious career, has honed his craft in various venues, earning a reputation as a skilled and versatile DJ. He has performed numerous warm-up sets for some of the biggest names in the industry, including David Guetta, Cut Killer, Da Fresh, and Fatman Scoop. These experiences have further refined his skills and deepened his understanding of what it takes to move a crowd.


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