Wiski D and Dasvibes Unveil New Hit Single “Bring That Come”

Wiski D and Dasvibes Unveil New Hit Single “Bring That Come”

Wiski D has joined forces with acclaimed producer Dasvibes (DJ Wade) to release their electrifying new single, “Bring That Come.” Launched under the Dasvibes label, this dynamic track has quickly captured the music scene, reaching the number one spot on the Australian Reggae chart and making waves internationally on various charts, including the AIR 100% Independent Singles charts and the UK Reggae chart.

Bring That Come” is a vibrant fusion of reggae and dancehall, showcasing Wiski D‘s unique style and musical journey. The track reflects his deep roots in the 90s dancehall vibes and his Christian upbringing, creating a distinct blend that resonates with fans worldwide.

The collaboration with Dasvibes has brought a fresh and innovative sound to the single, elevating Wiski D’s dynamic vocals and infectious rhythms. Dasvibes, known for his skillful production and ability to craft hits, has seamlessly merged his expertise with Wiski D’s talent, resulting in a track that is both contemporary and timeless.

Listen Here:open.spotify.com/track/5sUe

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