Davido and Lila Iké Drop New Song ‘Flex My Soul’ to Celebrate Honda Stage Anniversary

Davido and Lila Iké Drop New Song ‘Flex My Soul’ to Celebrate Honda Stage Anniversary

Davido, the Grammy-nominated Nigerian sensation, and emerging artist Lila Iké have joined forces to release their latest collaboration titled “Flex My Soul.” This release marks a special occasion as it celebrates the 5-year anniversary of Billboard and Honda’s collaboration on Honda Stage, a platform that offers unique, behind-the-music storytelling and celebrates the journeys of both established and up-and-coming artists.

In partnership with Billboard, Honda Stage provides breakthrough and established artists with a platform to share their stories and connect with music fans through docu-style video content. “Flex My Soul,” inspired by the essence of living in the moment, pursuing one’s dreams, and acknowledging life’s blessings, is the latest addition to this impactful initiative.

Davido, known for his groundbreaking contributions to Afrobeat music, joins forces with Lila Iké, the Jamaican-born songstress acclaimed for her distinct delivery and modern-day swagger. Together, they deliver a track that embodies happiness, positivity, and celebration of life’s triumphs, all while surrounded by the company of loved ones.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind “Flex My Soul,” Lila Iké shares, “The first time I heard this song and heard what Davido was saying, I was inspired to speak on the topic. To me, the song speaks about being happy, living your dream, and staying positive while celebrating life with people you care about.”

Honda Stage has a rich history of spotlighting music’s breakout stars who are on the cusp of global notoriety. Through compelling storytelling and captivating performances, Honda Stage artists share their dreams, struggles, and triumphs, inspiring audiences worldwide. Past featured artists include the likes of Rosalía, Bad Bunny, Natti Natasha, Normani, and many more.

With “Flex My Soul,” Davido and Lila Iké continue this tradition of musical excellence, offering listeners a vibrant and uplifting anthem that resonates with the spirit of gratitude and resilience. As they embark on this musical journey together, their collaboration serves as a testament to the power of unity and creativity in the ever-evolving landscape of music.

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