Danny Alias Unveils Riveting Music Video for “Bed Bug Love” from Debut Album “Beat The Poet

Danny Alias Unveils Riveting Music Video for “Bed Bug Love” from Debut Album “Beat The Poet

Danny Alias, the legendary artist known for his 80’s House Music hit ‘Civil Defense: The War Dance’ and the founder of Persona Records, proudly announces the release of the music video for his debut single, ‘Bed Bug Love,’ from the much-anticipated album “Beat The Poet.” The video, skillfully directed and edited by Russell J. Dreher from RJD Productions in Astoria, NY, features the mesmerizing dance moves of Jack Quint and the efficient typing skills of Mark C.

‘Bed Bug Love’ takes listeners on a journey into the allegorical realm of plague years, drawing poignant parallels between historical pandemics and our present times. Having personally experienced the challenges posed by both the AIDS and COVID epidemics, Danny Alias encapsulates the fear and isolation these devastating illnesses can bring, particularly within the LGBTQ community.

The lyrics, ‘In a scourge, you don’t feel the urge,’ resonate with the grim tone of past pandemics and emphasize the ongoing necessity of 24/7 health management. ‘Get me out of Bed Bug lays. Better days,’ reflects the longing for a brighter future.

Renowned for his influential contributions to the music industry, including the founding of Persona Records, which boasts three of the Top 100 house tracks (Ron Hardy) of all time, including the debut vinyl pressings of the late Frankie Knuckles, Danny Alias continues to push boundaries with ‘Bed Bug Love.’

The music video is now available for viewing on YouTube, offering viewers an immersive experience of the powerful narrative and captivating visuals that accompany this groundbreaking single. Stream Here:open.spotify.com/album/72zSwaPLt

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