ASTRO-X Announces the Release of Deeply Personal Track “Villain”

ASTRO-X Announces the Release of Deeply Personal Track “Villain”

Emerging artist ASTRO-X releases the second track, “Villain,” from the highly anticipated mixtape “Mentally Ill” on all major streaming platforms.

“Villain” is an introspective and powerful song that delves into the theme of self-sabotage and the struggle of battling one’s inner demons. The track captures the raw and emotional journey of feeling like an enemy to oneself, exploring the heavy weight of past traumas and the ongoing fight against depression. With haunting melodies and brutally honest lyrics, “Villain” resonates deeply with anyone who has faced similar struggles, offering a sense of connection and solace through music.

“Creating ‘Villain’ was a profoundly meaningful experience for me,” says ASTRO-X. “It’s about acknowledging the part of ourselves that we often try to hide – the part that feels like a villain. Through this song, I hope to shed light on the complexities of mental health and help others realize they are not alone in their battles.”

The mixtape “Mentally Ill” is a deeply personal project for ASTRO-X, reflecting a journey through mental health challenges and the path towards self-acceptance. Each track on the mixtape offers a unique perspective on the struggles and triumphs faced along the way.

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