Sexyy Red Clarifies Beef with Latto

Sexyy Red Clarifies Beef with Latto

Sexyy Red wants to set the record straight: there’s no beef between her and Latto, despite recent speculations suggesting otherwise.

The clarification comes after an incident where Latto shared a video on Instagram, showcasing her rehearsing choreography for an upcoming performance at the Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash festival in Atlanta. In the caption, Latto mentioned investing all her earnings into the show and teased a potential live stream for fans unable to attend.

Responding to Latto’s post, Sexyy Red’s sister reportedly shared the video on her Instagram Story with a caption that sparked speculation: “So your team got you dancing now cause Sexyy Red right?,” referring to a recent video of Sexyy Red dancing with background dancers. She added, “Then wanna sing [crying laughing emoji].”

However, Sexyy Red swiftly addressed the rumors in a comment on an Instagram post discussing the alleged beef.

“I didn’t say nothing about this girl period,” Sexyy Red clarified. “I don’t have ah problem with Latto.”

Despite rumors swirling around about potential conflicts, it appears that Sexyy Red and Latto maintain a cordial relationship.

Meanwhile, Latto has been involved in a separate feud with Ice Spice earlier this year. The exchange of veiled shots between the two rappers culminated in Ice Spice’s promotional truck for her new single being vandalized in Atlanta back in February.

As of now, Sexyy Red and Latto seem to be in the clear, while tensions with Ice Spice continue to simmer in the hip-hop scene.

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