Angelo Iannelli Introduces Electrifying New Single “Electronica”

Angelo Iannelli Introduces Electrifying New Single “Electronica”

Renowned singer-songwriter Angelo Iannelli is set to electrify the airwaves with his latest single “Electronica,” marking the prelude to his upcoming album release. Published by Matilde Dischi and distributed by Artist First, “Electronica” is poised to entertain audiences with its poignant narrative and captivating sound.

Inspired by a profound cinematic moment, Angelo Iannelli shares the genesis of “Electronica”: “In a famous film by Godard, ‘Breathless’ (À bout de souffle, 1960), the protagonist Patricia, quoting the book ‘The Wild Palms’ (1939) by William Faulkner, asks Michel what he would choose between ‘pain’ and ‘nothingness’. He responds that he would choose nothingness because ‘pain is idiotic’ and represents ‘a compromise’: ‘all or nothing,’ Michel adds. From this scene, an inner reflection has emerged that has accompanied me for a long time: perhaps it is precisely from here that ‘Electronica’ was born (and the metaphorical meaning of the hermetic title took shape), whose protagonist, between pain and nothingness, would choose a third way: herself. And she doesn’t think about it anymore…”

Angelo Iannelli is a multifaceted artist, known for his prowess as a singer-songwriter, actor, and writer. His diverse talents have led him to remarkable achievements in various creative fields.

As the author of the text for the theatrical performance “From the Night of Myth to the Aeneid, in the Places and Times of Virgil,” Angelo has showcased his literary finesse alongside renowned actors such as Michele Placido and Alessandro Haber. His acting credits include appearances in popular TV series like “Antimafia Squad,” “R.I.S.,” “The Honor and the Respect,” and “May God Help Us.”

Beyond the stage and screen, Angelo is an accomplished writer, with publications including the novel “Bar Binario” (Aracne, 2016) and the scientific essay “The Divided Self: From Physician-Philosophers to Literature, Theater, and Cinema of the Twentieth Century” (Aracne, 2013). His insightful contributions to aesthetics, literature, cinema, and theater have earned him recognition from prestigious institutions worldwide.

In the realm of music, Angelo Iannelli’s talent shines through his debut album “Il Cannocchiale” (2016) and a series of successful singles, including “The Child of Aleppo,” “Comico dell’Arte,” “DAG,” “Like in Hollywood,” and “Close Margins” (2023). Collaborating with acclaimed artists such as illustrator Michele Bernardi and musicians like Alessandro Canini and Riccardo Corso, Angelo has created a unique sonic tapestry that resonates with audiences globally.

With his songs featured on prominent platforms and garnering critical acclaim from media outlets such as RAI Isoradio, TGCOM24, and La Repubblica, Angelo Iannelli continues to make a significant impact in the music industry.

Currently, Angelo Iannelli serves as a Literature teacher at a high school in Rome and shares his expertise as a Professor of cinematographic and visual disciplines within the framework of the “National Cinema Plan.”

“Electronica” by Angelo Iannelli is set to revolutionize the music scene, offering listeners a compelling journey through sound and storytelling.

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