1989. Unveils Soulful Single “Canzone per me” via Time 2 Rap Records

1989. Unveils Soulful Single “Canzone per me” via Time 2 Rap Records

“Canzone per me,” is the latest single from the talented rapper 1989., presented by Time 2 Rap Records. This compelling track, born out of the victory in the LazioSOUND competition, is a testament to the artist’s introspective lyricism and captivating musicality.

Crafted on the foundation of a production by Squarta and Gabbo, DJ/producer and bassist from the renowned Roman formation Cor Veleno, “Canzone per me” exudes a sense of well-being from its very first notes. Drawing inspiration from Kendrick Lamar’s “I,” the song extends an invitation to reconcile with oneself, fostering inner peace in the face of life’s shared moments. While initially a personal creation, 1989. dedicates this anthem of self-reconciliation to anyone seeking a similar journey.

The single’s cover, meticulously designed by Marco Casini, features a miniature version of 1989. playing on an 80s computer, operating exclusively on MS-DOS—a nostalgic nod to the past.

Hailing from Cassino (FR), 1989. is a rapper who fearlessly addresses the semi-dystopian reality of our present. His lyrics resonate with those navigating the same social stratum, echoing the struggles of those oppressed by the affluent yet lashing out at the less fortunate.

Originally known as FunkyD, 1989. began penning rhymes at the age of 16. Upon moving to Rome at eighteen, he embarked on self-produced projects, including collaborations with Indelible Squad and solo releases like “Weather Report” (2015) and the video-EP “The Imbeciles” (2016) in partnership with Soul Film Production.

In 2017, 1989. introduced the band Pippo Baudo Lost in Time, showcasing his versatility and energetic stage presence. Winning the OndaRock special prize at the Music Against the Mafia competition with the song “Malanova” (2018), 1989. continued his artistic evolution, culminating in the release of the EP “Zen, or the ability to capture a killer” in 2019.

June 2020 saw his song “Tuttology” selected by the Asian Fake label for the Hanami compilation, alongside notable artists like Coma_Cose and Ketama126. Transitioning from FunkyD to 1989., the artist dropped his first solo album, “Gente che odia la gente.,” on November 10, 2023, garnering acclaim for its insightful commentary.

As 1989. takes the stage once again with “Canzone per me,” listeners can anticipate a soul-stirring journey through the artist’s lyrical prowess and emotive musical landscape. The single is now available for streaming and download on all major platforms via Time 2 Rap Records.

Stream Below: open.spotify.com/track/4jF1wOP

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