William Pascal and Sicko Myers Collaborate On Fresh Hyperpop Anthem “DIGICORE”

William Pascal and Sicko Myers Collaborate On Fresh Hyperpop Anthem “DIGICORE”

“DIGICORE” is the latest hyperpop sensation by the dynamic duo William Pascal and Sicko Myers, the song is now available, offering a thrilling glimpse into the forthcoming third installment of their independent projects.

Fresh from their collaborative albums, “Arcadia” and “MissingNo.,” the Roman artists venture into uncharted electronic territory with “DIGICORE.” The track, a fusion of hyper pop, trap, Eurodance, house, and Soundcloud rap, showcases their versatility and willingness to explore new sonic landscapes.

The lyrics of “DIGICORE” weave a tapestry of continuous references to the nerd world, blending fantasy imagery—specifically inspired by Digimon—with glitchcore music. This innovative approach not only creates a distinct phoneme but also introduces a new musical genre, enriching the musical tapestry of the contemporary scene.

Accompanied by a visually stunning video crafted by the creative group Maniax, “DIGICORE” is the second single from the upcoming “Barre Rare 3.” The full album is eagerly anticipated and will soon be available on streaming platforms and in a limited edition physical copy.

Fans are encouraged to watch the video on YouTube, where the vibrant visuals complement the sonic journey crafted by William Pascal and Sicko Myers.

Stream “Digicore” Below: open.spotify.com/track/1gquVPO

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