Travis Kelce’s Old 2016 Interview Saying He’d Kiss Taylor Swift, Marry Katy Perry Resurfaces

Travis Kelce’s Old 2016 Interview Saying He’d Kiss Taylor Swift, Marry Katy Perry Resurfaces

An old clip from 2016 of Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce, expressing his admiration for Taylor Swift, hinting at a potential crush long before his actual encounter with the pop superstar.

In the unearthed interview with Afterbuzz TV, Kelce faced the classic dilemma of “Marry, Kiss, Kill” involving prominent female celebrities Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Ariana Grande. His choice? To marry Perry, kiss Swift, and, somewhat ironically, opt to “kill” Grande. Little did he know that his lighthearted preferences would resurface years later in light of his real-life connection to Swift.

Fast forward six years, and Kelce found himself attending Swift’s Eras tour in Sydney, Australia, alongside Perry. Videos from the event captured Perry enthusiastically supporting Swift during her performance of “Bad Blood,” while Kelce engaged with fans from a VIP tent, exchanging friendship bracelets and enjoying the show.

Swift reciprocated the support during her performance, playfully referencing Kelce during a rendition of “Karma,” where she humorously altered a lyric to mention “the guy on the Chiefs.” This playful acknowledgment mirrored a similar shout-out Kelce received during Swift’s concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina, showcasing their amicable relationship.

Reflecting on Kelce’s high-profile romance, his older brother Jason revealed some of the challenges they faced, including the need for Travis to relocate due to the overwhelming attention from fans and paparazzi. Despite the adjustments, the newfound exposure introduced the Kelce family to a broader demographic, bridging the gap between the football world and pop culture.

Travis Kelce’s journey from a lighthearted interview moment to a real-life connection with Taylor Swift exemplifies the unpredictable twists of fate and the intersections between sports and entertainment. As Kelce continues to navigate newfound fame, his playful banter from years past takes on new significance, adding to the colorful tapestry of his evolving public persona.

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