The Luxe Unveils Vibrant New Single “Maybach” featuring Taysa

The Luxe Unveils Vibrant New Single “Maybach” featuring Taysa

The Luxe, born Marco Renna, is making waves with his newest release, “Maybach,” featuring the talented Taysa. The Luxe, a multi-faceted artist known for his skills in rap, acting, and songwriting, was born in Bamako, Mali, on 28 April 2009. At the age of two, he arrived in Milan in March 2011, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey.

From a young age, The Luxe displayed a diverse range of talents, demonstrating interests in technology and the arts. At just nine years old, he launched his own YouTube channel and later joined a theater course and school choir. In 2021, he made his mark as the young rapper Paco in Antonio Dikele Distefano’s film “Autumn Beat,” produced and distributed by Amazon Prime Video. The film, addressing the social integration of second-generation blacks in Italy, showcased The Luxe’s freestyle battle with renowned figures in the rap scene.

Inspired by this cinematic experience, The Luxe delved deeper into music, releasing “SOLO con pochi,” his first official single in 2021. The track, a poignant stream of consciousness, offered a glimpse into the emotions, feelings, desires, and reflections of Gen Z, resonating with both audiences and critics. The success of “SOLO con pochi” marked a significant turning point in Marco’s musical journey, launching The Luxe as an incandescent flame challenging conventions and paving the way for a bright future in the Italian music scene.

“Maybach,” The Luxe’s latest single featuring Taysa, continues to showcase his evolution as an artist, the track solidifies The Luxe’s position as a rising star with a promising career ahead. Stream “Maybach” Below:

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