SZA Says She’s Only Labeled ‘R&B’ Because She’s Black

SZA Says She’s Only Labeled ‘R&B’ Because She’s Black

SZA confronts the issue of being pigeonholed into the label of “R&B artist” solely because of her race.

In a candid interview with Dazed, the singer-songwriter delves into the limitations imposed by such categorizations and expresses her desire for artistic freedom beyond narrow definitions. “The only reason I’m defined as an R&B artist is because I’m Black. It’s almost a little reductive because it doesn’t allow space to be anything else or try anything else,” she shared, highlighting the constraints of such labels on her creative expression.

Breaking Boundaries with ‘SOS’

SZA’s latest album, “SOS,” is a testament to her boundary-pushing approach to music. Released in 2022, the album traverses diverse genres, seamlessly blending elements of hip-hop, soul, folk, and indie rock. It’s a sonic exploration fueled by her eclectic influences and artistic vision.

“I simply just want to be allowed the same opportunity to make whatever I want without a label, [without it being] based on the colour of my skin, or the crew that I run with, or the beats that I choose,” SZA emphasized, advocating for artistic autonomy and recognition beyond stereotypes.

Embracing Authenticity For SZA, each track on “SOS” represents a distinct facet of her creativity and identity. From the introspective depth of “F2F” to the raw vulnerability of “Nobody Gets Me” and the infectious energy of “Kill Bill,” she challenges listeners to embrace the complexity of her artistry beyond predefined genres.

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