Snoop Dogg Reveals 8-Month Collaboration with Dr. Dre on Upcoming Album

Snoop Dogg Reveals 8-Month Collaboration with Dr. Dre on Upcoming Album

Snoop Dogg dropped a bombshell during his appearance on Good Morning America on Friday (Jan. 26), announcing a major project that has been under wraps for the past 8 months. The legendary rapper shared, “I can let the rabbit out of the hat. I’ve been working on a record with Dr. Dre for the past 8 months. We’re about ready to drop a single in a couple of weeks, so that’s what I’ve been cooking up.”

While details about the unnamed project and its release schedule are still under wraps, this revelation comes after Snoop’s previous announcement in October 2022. At that time, he mentioned being nearly finished with a Dre-produced sequel to his 1993 solo debut album, Doggystyle, in celebration of its 30th anniversary.

During the interview with Michael Strahan, Snoop emphasized his love for staying busy, especially with projects like his new Prime Video movie, “The Underdogs,” inspired by his work with the Snoop Youth Football League. Reflecting on the film, he expressed the joy of mastering his craft and embracing opportunities that are both fun and financially rewarding.

“I started off as an underdog. That’s the best dog to ever be because you’re the one they don’t pay attention to. So you gotta figure out how to master you, to where you become the greatest you that you can be,” Snoop shared.

Beyond the music realm, Snoop spoke about his involvement with the youth in his football league, highlighting the positive impact of the sport on his own upbringing. He reminisced about investing in equipment, fields, referees, and rule books, emphasizing the discipline and respect he gained through football. The rapper-turned-entrepreneur expressed his desire to give back the lessons he learned as a young athlete.

As fans eagerly await more details, Snoop Dogg’s collaboration with Dr. Dre is already generating significant anticipation for what promises to be a groundbreaking release. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting musical endeavor.

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