Ice Spice Makes Comeback with Latest Single “Think U the Sh*t (Fart)”

Ice Spice Makes Comeback with Latest Single “Think U the Sh*t (Fart)”

Bronx-born rapper Ice Spice is back with a bang, and she’s not holding back. On January 26, she released her highly anticipated single, “Think U the Sh*t (Fart),” where she unapologetically celebrates herself.

The rapper had teased the track earlier this month with an amusing illustration featuring a blunt-smoking Mario, accompanied by a 33-second snippet of the song. In the preview, Ice Spice delivers confident lines, stating, “Think you the shit, bitch? You not even the fart/I be goin’ hard, I’m breakin’ they hearts, like/Bitches be quick, but I’m quicker/Bitches be thick but I’m thicker/She could be rich but I’m richer.”

Ice Spice took to Instagram on Thursday to announce the official drop date and share the cover art. The artwork captures her sitting in the passenger seat of a car, confidently flipping off the camera.

“Fart @ midnight 💨,” she captioned the post.


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