Saweetie Draws Inspiration from Jay-Z While Preparing for Debut Album Release

Saweetie Draws Inspiration from Jay-Z While Preparing for Debut Album Release

Rising rap star Saweetie has revealed she’s been studying Jay-Z’s discography to refine her craft as she prepares for the release of her debut album, “Pretty B.I.T.C.H. Music.” In a recent interview with People magazine, the Bay Area native shared her admiration for Jay-Z’s work, particularly “The Blueprint” album.

Saweetie praised Jay-Z’s ability to blend personal storytelling with impressive lyricism, stating, “Beyond the bars, you were able to get to know the man from New York, who made it from the block to the businessman.” This approach seems to be influencing her own artistic development.

Despite her growing success and two Grammy nominations, Saweetie admitted she still experiences nervousness with each new release. “I get the jitters, I can’t sleep at night,” she shared, describing music creation as an intimate process.

The rapper has been open about the challenges of her career, previously discussing the lack of work-life balance and the pressures of managing a small team. However, her current focus on personal and artistic growth suggests a potential shift in approach.

With her debut album expected to drop before the end of 2024 and recent singles like “NANi,” “Richtivities,” and “Immortal Freestyle” already released, fans are eagerly anticipating Saweetie’s evolution as an artist. Her dedication to studying the greats like Jay-Z, combined with her personal experiences, may well result in a compelling debut album.

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