Ric de Large, Les Saba, & DESSA.ONE Unveil Dynamic EP “Divine”

Ric de Large, Les Saba, & DESSA.ONE Unveil Dynamic EP “Divine”

A groundbreaking collaboration among DJ and producer Ric de Large, versatile artist Les Saba, and musician/beatmaker DESSA.ONE has resulted in the creation of the EP “Divine.” This dynamic three-track project showcases the diverse talents of the trio, merging their unique musical styles to produce an innovative and genre-defying collection.

Ric de Large, a DJ, producer, and sound engineer, brings his eclectic sound and vast experience to the table. With a prolific discography and a decade of DJing across clubs and festivals, Ric de Large’s experimentation and creativity shine through in the tracks of “Divine.” Crafted entirely on his laptop and recorded/mixed in his Milan studio, the EP is a testament to his dedication to pushing sonic boundaries.

Les Saba, a multifaceted artist, weaves his skills as a singer, music producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, photographer, and director into the fabric of “Divine.” His artistic vision, influenced by various art forms and cultures, reflects a journey of exploration and self-evolution. As he travels the world, Les Saba brings a rich, diverse perspective to the EP, contributing to its unique blend of sounds.

DESSA.ONE, a musician, multi-instrumentalist, and beatmaker of Latin American and Italian descent, adds his touch to “Divine” from his base in Genoa, Italy. With extensive experience in recording studios and live performances, including playing on cruise ships across Europe, DESSA.ONE’s contribution enriches the EP with a fusion of cultural influences.

The EP opens with “Angel,” a hybrid drum and bass rollercoaster that captivates with euphoric melodies, unique timbres, and distorted basslines. The intricate structure sets the tone for the entire collection, showcasing the collaborative synergy of the trio.

“Control,” the second track, takes a dark and energetic turn into UK Garage territory. The tune features deep neuro basses and distorted guitars, creating a sonic landscape that is both haunting and exhilarating.

Closing out the EP is the title track, “Skin (Divine),” a classic “UK pop” sound that harmoniously blends easygoing melodies and guitars with a driving UKG rhythm. The track strikes a balance between uplifting synths and the relentless energy of the drums, concluding the “Divine” experience on a high note.

This collaborative effort transcends musical boundaries, offering listeners a unique and immersive journey through diverse genres and sonic landscapes. “Divine” is a testament to the power of creative collaboration, bringing together artists with distinct backgrounds to create a harmonious and memorable musical experience.

Stream The Ep Below: open.spotify.com/track/6HX

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