Playboi Carti Reveals Recording in a Cave for New Album

Playboi Carti Reveals Recording in a Cave for New Album

In a recent interview with the German arts and culture magazine Numéro Berlin, Playboi Carti provides an intriguing glimpse into his creative process while working on his highly anticipated new album. The enigmatic artist, known for his King Vamp persona, opens up about spending several months recording in a cave and the unique sounds that emerged from this unconventional setting. He also discusses how his music is influenced by different locations, such as Paris and Atlanta.

Carti reveals, “I really try to stay out of my head, I try to stay out of my phone, and I just try to lock in. I’m in my surroundings. I’ve been recording in Paris. I love Paris. I was recording in a cave for like three months, and all the music that came out of that is just chaotic and crazy.”

He goes on to explain, “Then, I’m in a glass house somewhere in the hills, and the music there is just very good to the ears. And then, I’m in Atlanta, and the tensions are just high, and the music is biting. So, it’s the little things like that that keep me going because I’m just trying to talk to myself.”

Playboi Carti’s unconventional approach to music creation showcases his commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring diverse environments to shape his distinctive sound. Fans eagerly anticipate the unique and chaotic music that has resulted from his time in the cave.

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