Joeboy Drops New Single ‘Only God Can Save Me’ and Announces Upcoming EP

Joeboy Drops New Single ‘Only God Can Save Me’ and Announces Upcoming EP

Global music sensation Joeboy is back in action. He’s out with a compelling new single, ‘Only God Can Save Me’.

In addition to the new single, the award-winning musician is thrilled to unveil his sophomore EP, titled ‘Body, Soul & Spirit,’ which will be released on November 17 via emPawa Africa.

Joeboy’s ‘Body, Soul & Spirit’ EP is a continuation of the emotional journey initiated by his ‘Body & Soul’ album. The new EP complements the recently released album, delving deeper into introspection, particularly evident in the lead single, ‘Only God Can Save Me.’

Produced by Debo.x, this heartfelt track resonates with the age-old saying, ‘Let go and let God.’ Joeboy explores the realization of human fallibility and the potential for disappointment over moody synths, dark piano arrangements, and looming drum patterns, emphasizing that ‘Only God Can Save Me.’

Born from a place of raw vulnerability, ‘Only God Can Save Me’ vividly illustrates Joeboy’s reflections on the impermanence of human relationships and the essential role of divine intervention. In moments of true despair, Joeboy conveys the idea that solace can often be found only in the Divine.

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