Pacalo Takes Audiences on a Sonic Journey with New Release, “Tiritirisette”

Pacalo Takes Audiences on a Sonic Journey with New Release, “Tiritirisette”

Pacalo, a versatile guitarist and recording techniques graduate from SAE in Paris, recently unveiled his latest musical creation, the soulful and genre-bending track, “Tiritirisette.” Hailing from the upper Caserta area in Roccamonfina, Pacalo’s diverse musical background and six-year stint in Paris have significantly influenced his unique sound.

Drawing inspiration from an array of musical genres, Pacalo’s roots lie in rock and blues. Over time, he has seamlessly delved into genre mixes, including jazz, hip-hop, trip-hop, singer-songwriter, and electronic music. His dedication to honing his craft is evident in his private study of jazz guitar and harmony, ensuring a continuous evolution of his musical style.

In an effort to create music that is not only catchy but also maintains a high standard of quality, Pacalo takes a hands-on approach to his creative process. He single-handedly performs, records, and mixes all elements of his compositions, showcasing his mastery over voice, guitar, synth, and drum machine.

The inspiration behind “Tiritirisette” adds a personal touch to Pacalo’s latest release. The piece originated from a Neapolitan nursery rhyme that his father used to perform for him during his childhood. Pacalo has ingeniously adapted the melody, infusing it with almost jazz-like harmonies, incorporating a sax with Mellotron. The result is a nostalgic nod to 90s Trip Hop, enveloped in an almost psychedelic atmosphere.

With “Tiritirisette,” Pacalo invites listeners on a journey, skillfully blending diverse musical influences while paying homage to his roots. The track showcases his commitment to creating music that is both accessible and of the highest quality.

“Tiritirisette” is now available on all major streaming platforms, stream below:

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