C-Ago Redefines Millennial Experience with EP “Comment survivre à Boomerland?”

C-Ago Redefines Millennial Experience with EP “Comment survivre à Boomerland?”

Emerging Caribbean singer C-Ago, introduces her thought-provoking EP, “Comment survivre à Boomerland?” (How to Survive Boomerland?). The clandestine daughter of Janet Jackson and Stromae, C-Ago brings a refreshing blend of R&B melodies and socially charged lyrics to the forefront.

With a vocal prowess that mirrors her illustrious lineage, C-Ago navigates serious societal issues with an enchanting high voice. Her music, deeply rooted in R&B harmonies, serves as a sonic canvas for exploring contemporary concerns, inviting listeners to question societal norms.

C-Ago, an engaging and eloquent artist, surprises audiences with her creative ingenuity. Her EP delves into the experiences of Generation Y, caught between traditional values and the dominance of social media.

“Comment survivre à Boomerland?” emerges as a musical chronicle, resonating with RnB sounds from the 2000s. The thematic focus revolves around Millennials, once the hopeful generation, now finding themselves as the middle child. The EP’s visual aesthetic cleverly reinterprets iconic paintings, portraying how Generation Y reinvents itself while maintaining cultural ties.

This 5-track EP provides a glimpse into C-Ago’s experiences and explores the consequences of the internet on daily life. Through constant analogies between the artist and her generation, listeners gain insights into her journey of emancipation from imposed projections. The reissue includes 3 remixes, paying homage to the RnB practices of the 2000s and introducing eclecticism to the project, mirroring the diverse musical tastes influenced by streaming platforms.

“Comment survivre à Boomerland?” is a cultural commentary, a musical journey that captures the essence of a generation breaking free from stereotypes and embracing individuality. C-Ago’s release is an addition to the evolving landscape of socially conscious music.

Stream The Project Here:open.spotify.com/album/4HShsJ2j4

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