Eric Wink Releases A Bossa Nova Masterpiece “Inconsolable” With Caitlin McGrath

Eric Wink Releases A Bossa Nova Masterpiece “Inconsolable” With Caitlin McGrath

Singer-songwriter Eric Wink is thrilled to announce the release of his latest single, “Inconsolable.” Teaming up with lead vocalist Caitlin McGrath, Wink delivers an original bossa nova tune that’s sure to entertain audiences with its soulful melodies and jazzy instrumentals.

“Inconsolable” transports listeners into a world of smooth Latin jazz, where Wink’s intricate guitar work intertwines seamlessly with McGrath’s soulful vocals. The song’s somber lyrics paint a poignant picture of a young woman grappling with feelings of being misheard and mistreated by her partner, yet unable to break free from the manipulation.

The genesis of “Inconsolable” dates back to a serendipitous jam session between Wink and McGrath, where the seeds of the song were first planted. Wink recalls, “A couple of years ago, I was fingerpicking jazz chords on the guitar and my friend Caitlin started singing along. I imagined this one as an up-tempo bossa nova tune, and she wrote down lyric ideas for a chorus.” Years later, the duo reunited to bring their vision to life, culminating in a collaborative effort that resulted in the creation of “Inconsolable.”

The recording process for “Inconsolable” was a testament to the duo’s chemistry and creative synergy. The result is a vibrant and infectious tune that showcases McGrath’s rich, soulful vocal tone and Wink’s mastery of the jazz genre.

With its upbeat, groovy vibe and heartfelt lyrics, “Inconsolable” is sure to resonate with audiences seeking an immersive musical experience that combines elements of bossa nova, jazz, and soul.

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