Drake Breaks RIAA Record with Over 227 Million Certified Digital Single Units

Drake Breaks RIAA Record with Over 227 Million Certified Digital Single Units

Drake has achieved a historic milestone in the music industry, surpassing 227 million certified single units, according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

The news came to light when a screenshot surfaced, revealing a message from OVO Sound president Mr. Morgan to Drake. The message read, “Drake now has 223m RIAA Digital Certified Song Units as a lead artist,” and noted that he was the “First artist to cross 200M in RIAA history.” However, this message led to some confusion on social media as it appeared to mix figures related to both albums and singles.

To clarify, Drake’s official position on the RIAA’s Top Artists (Digital Singles) list shows him as the top artist with 227 million certified units. He is followed by Rihanna and Eminem with 166.5 million and 166 million certified units, respectively.

In the realm of albums, Drake, with 42.5 million RIAA-certified units, still has some ground to cover to surpass The Beatles, who boast 183 million certified units.


Drake has recently received several new RIAA certifications for both singles and albums. These certifications date back to October 24, with releases such as “Thank Me Later,” “Laugh Now Cry Later,” and “Wants and Needs” all earning new platinum distinctions. More than a dozen other releases have also been freshly certified.

This achievement coincided with Drake’s 37th birthday, which was celebrated by Lil Yachty, who shared a series of pictures featuring the rapper before he “got fly.”

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