Doja Cat Clears the Air on Rap Beefs, Denies Diss Tracks on Scarlet Deluxe Album

Doja Cat Clears the Air on Rap Beefs, Denies Diss Tracks on Scarlet Deluxe Album

Doja Cat is setting the record straight amidst speculation that she’s engaging in rap beefs through her latest music release. Following the drop of the deluxe version of her Scarlet album, the rapper took to X (formerly Twitter) to address the chatter surrounding her tracks.

In a now-deleted tweet, Doja expressed her frustration at the rumors circulating on social media, asserting that she has no intention of dissing anyone. “No one has done anything to me for me to even want to begin to diss them,” she clarified. “All my peers been nice as f**k and welcoming of me. Please stop f**king grasping for straws here. I don’t play these games you all are playing. It’s incredibly childish and quite frankly the most depressing sh!t I’ve ever come across on the internet. Grow the f**k up. I don’t get in ‘rAp bEefS.'”

Responding to a fan who echoed her sentiment about not dissing fellow artists, Doja reiterated her stance. “My whole timeline is people theorizing who you might be dissing even though you’ve made it clear multiple times that you don’t diss your peers,” the fan wrote. “It’s so embarrassing.”

In response, Doja clarified the context of her lyrics, stating, “I’m dissing the man in the song saying he’s barking like a woman/ calling him a b***h but that goes over anyone’s head who’s smooth brained.”

Before signing off, Doja shared a few more thoughts on the matter, emphasizing her commitment to staying out of rap conflicts.

The deluxe edition of Scarlet, titled Scarlet 2 CLAUDE, features seven new tracks, including collaborations with Teezo Touchdown (“MASC”) and A$AP Rocky (“URRRGE!!!!!!!!!!”).

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