Charisma L’Uccello Unleashes Musical Delight with “C’est un Délire”

Charisma L’Uccello Unleashes Musical Delight with “C’est un Délire”

Renowned as a multi-talented artist, singer, dancer, composer, animator, and performer. Charisma L’Uccello takes the stage once again with the release of his latest song, “C’est un Délire.”

From a young age, Charisma has been immersed in the rich musical tapestry of his Congolese heritage, influenced by the melodious sounds echoing through his home. Growing up in the culturally diverse Parisian suburbs, Charisma’s musical palette expanded to embrace genres such as Zouk, RnB, Rap, Afrobeat, and more. This eclectic mix laid the foundation for his distinctive artistic universe known as SCELLA.

Charisma, along with his friends, formed the group LA CAMISA, a tribute to Congolese Rumba. The group garnered attention with captivating performances, and music releases, and even graced the stage at the iconic Parisian venue, L’ALHAMBRA. Charisma played a pivotal role in the group, contributing as a vocalist, choreographer, and creative force. However, after five and a half years of dedicated service, Charisma decided to embark on his solo journey.

In the absence of LA CAMISA, Charisma caught the attention of Godge Ya Soukaly, a Congolese producer, who orchestrated a successful tour in Ile-de-France. Despite initial hesitations, Charisma accepted the opportunity and delivered outstanding performances, culminating in a sold-out show at O’GIB—a remarkable achievement.

Charisma’s solo endeavors gained further momentum with the release of the project “SUPERPOSED SQUARE,” featuring two captivating clips, “You Are Moche” and “Mundanga Danga.” The project resonated well with audiences, opening doors and presenting Charisma as a versatile and dynamic artist.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis, Charisma remains resilient and committed to creating his artistic universe—a space where he can authentically express himself and showcase the richness of Congolese sounds to a global audience.

With “C’est un Délire,” Charisma L’Uccello invites listeners to immerse themselves in a musical journey that encapsulates his creativity and passion for Congolese sounds.

Stream “C’est un Délire” Below:

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