Aleef Sheen Takes Flight with Debut Single “Les Filles de l’Air”

Aleef Sheen Takes Flight with Debut Single “Les Filles de l’Air”

Morocco-born singer-songwriter and poet, Aleef Sheen, born in 1992, unveils his musical journey through his debut single, “Les Filles de l’Air.” Influenced by a diverse range of musical genres, Aleef Sheen blends the classics of French song, English rock, North American folk, and various styles from the southern shore of the Mediterranean.

“Les Filles de l’Air,” Sheen’s inaugural single, is a musical masterpiece that transcends borders. Written and composed during his nomadic journey across Rabat, Paris, Cairo, and Marseille, the song encapsulates the essence of his travels and experiences. Each note and every word in Aleef Sheen’s songs are carefully crafted, creating a tapestry of minimalistic and restrained poetry that carries its weight without overwhelming.

The single is a result of clandestine collaboration with sound engineer and producer Nathan Luyé (Fleur et Bleue), with additional arrangements by Lucas Legendre (Lubie). “Les Filles de l’Air” is not just a departure; it’s a musical dialogue reminiscent of Alain Bashung and Nick Drake, woven into the fabric of a discreet homage to Aleef Sheen’s native country.

In “Les Filles de l’Air,” Aleef Sheen invites listeners into a world where every note is a step in his journey and every lyric is a whisper from the places he’s been. The song is a testament to his ability to fuse diverse musical influences into a seamless and evocative composition.

As Aleef Sheen takes flight with “Les Filles de l’Air,” he marks the beginning of a promising musical odyssey. The single is now available on all major streaming platforms, stream here:

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