Cardi B on Using Songwriters: ‘Look at All Ya Fav Artists Credits’.

Cardi B on Using Songwriters: ‘Look at All Ya Fav Artists Credits’.

Cardi B is not one to shy away from defending her creative choices, and she recently addressed criticism surrounding her use of songwriters.

The Bronx native responded to a post shared by The Neighborhood Talk, where she passionately spoke about her hometown being the birthplace of hip-hop during the 2023 MTV VMAs. However, a fan took issue with her comments, pointing out that she utilized songwriters. Cardi B didn’t hesitate to offer a rebuttal.

“I started making music long before LHH [Love and Hip Hop], and I poured my heart into songs about MY struggles and life as a dancer,” Cardi B explained. “Take a listen to those mixtapes. Additionally, I pursued education in musical theatre and technology.”

She continued, “Just because someone may lend a hand with a hook doesn’t diminish my contribution. Take a look at the credits of your favorite artists; you’ll find that they, too, receive various forms of assistance in their creative process.”

Cardi B’s response underscores the fact that collaboration and creative input from multiple sources are common practices in the music industry, emphasizing that artists often receive support in different aspects of their work.

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