Kid Cudi Set to Star in Animated Dystopian Horror Film ‘Slime’

Kid Cudi Set to Star in Animated Dystopian Horror Film ‘Slime’

Animator Jeron Braxton is making his directorial debut with the upcoming dystopian horror movie “Slime,” a project written by Brian Ash, a producer and writer known for his work on “The Boondocks.” The film, which will star Kid Cudi, is a collaborative effort by Mad Solar, Hammerstone Studios, and Capstone Global. According to a press release, “Slime” promises to deliver a unique sensory experience by blending Braxton’s distinctive animation style with an original soundtrack that enhances the trippy and elevating atmosphere of the movie.

In a statement provided to Deadline, Kid Cudi, who is also an executive producer on the project, praised Jeron Braxton as a “powerhouse creative at the forefront of culture, pushing boundaries with everything he does.” Cudi expressed his eagerness to witness Braxton bring “Slime” to life, emphasizing their shared commitment to pushing the creative boundaries in music, film, TV, and animation through their collaboration with Mad Solar.

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