Tristan Drops New Upbeat Track “KISKEYA BOYO”

Tristan Drops New Upbeat Track “KISKEYA BOYO”

Tristan is proud to announce the release of his latest single, “Kiskeya Boyo,” available on all major streaming platforms. This upbeat and rhythmic track beautifully captures the essence of Haiti, blending celebration with reflection.

Kiskeya Boyo” transports listeners to the heart of Tristan’s home island with its tropical sounds and the vibrant rhythms of rara, while also addressing the often harsh realities of life in Haiti. Through poignant and evocative lyrics, Tristan paints vivid pictures of his childhood memories, the island’s stunning landscapes, and the hardships endured by the Haitian people.

Tristan invites listeners on a nostalgic dance through his memories while acknowledging the scars left by the island’s history. “Kiskeya Boyo” is a love letter to Haiti, depicting its pain and joy, suffering and beauty.

The repetitive and catchy chorus, “J’dance, J’dance, J’dance, J’dance,” reflects Tristan’s desire to stay connected to his roots despite distance and difficulties. The song captures the essence of the island, from the salty scent of the waves to the rituals and traditional dances, emphasizing the importance of never forgetting one’s origins.

“Kiskeya Boyo” is now available on all major music streaming platforms.


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