Trigga du Binks Launches Latest Single “FREESTYLE MARIJUANA”

Trigga du Binks Launches Latest Single “FREESTYLE MARIJUANA”

Trigga du Binks is out with the release of his latest single, “FREESTYLE MARIJUANA.” With a deep passion for music instilled in him since childhood, Trigga, originally from Congo DRC, brings a fresh and unique sound to the industry.

Drawing inspiration from renowned Congolese artists such as “Papa Wemba” and “Koffi Olomidé,” Trigga skillfully combines these influences to create a sound that is distinctly his own. With a promising career ahead, he aims to establish himself on both national and international music scenes. His ingenuity and clear vision position him as an essential figure in the melodious trap and afro genres, alongside notable artists like Tiakola and Franglish.

Each composition by Trigga reflects his unwavering passion for music, providing listeners with an immersive experience that resonates deeply. After a six-month hiatus, Trigga makes a powerful comeback with the freestyle track “FREESTYLE MARIJUANA.” During his absence, he was engaged in various projects, including a highly anticipated collaboration with JO2S. As a sneak peek, an exclusive extract of this collaboration can be found on Trigga’s social media platforms.

With this exciting announcement, Trigga invites music enthusiasts, regardless of their background, to immerse themselves in his artistic universe. Whether you are a fan of melodious or afro music, Trigga’s unique style and magnetic presence are sure to capture your senses.


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